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Whether you use your sauna to wind down after a stressful day at work, after a workout to reduce pain in muscles and joints, to detoxify for a healthier body, or before bed to promote a   deeper, more restful sleep, let a Finnleo Traditional or Far-Infrared Sauna work its special effects on you. The benefits of sauna therapy are almost immeasurable. Indulge and invest in your good health in something that not only feels good, but is good for you.

Finnleo says “You dream it and we’ll build it”

Traditional Saunas: For those who love the high heat and humidity!

Indoor Saunas

  • Passport-PS44
    The Passport

    (Indoor) Finnleo’s Passport Series has quickly become known as one of the best values in traditional saunas.

  • Designer -Solace
    The Designer Series

    Beautiful Luxury.

Outdoor Saunas

  • Custom cut
    The Custom Cut

    Custom designed interior to fit your framed space.

  • Patio Series
    The Patio Series

    Predesigned outdoor room kits with vaulted roofs.


  • Sisu
    The Sisu

    (Indoor-Outdoor) Custom designed free-standing rooms.

Infrared Saunas

Finnleo also makes a retro-fit Infrared kit that can be added if you have a preexisting traditional sauna.

Steam Rooms

We also have steam room equipment available through Finnleo’s sister company ‘Amerec’.  Call for information.



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